Ms Sara Sheedy

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As an energised trainer and facilitator, I provide action method based training to ensure learners are engaged. More and more corporations are turning to action learning and understanding Social and Emotional Intelligence. It is viewed as a way of transforming the culture and they have found it an excellent tonic for driving performance improvement by unlocking barriers and blockages to achieving results. For many years, I have worked alongside companies to link with their work conferences, designing and developing icebreakers and energetic group sessions which align with their strategic vision and corporate goals. As a previous RTO Manager and Learning Design Manager, I believe the key to break-through training which gains real results are the ones where learners are completely engaged, using adult learning principles and solving real workplace problems. From outdoor sessions, games and ‘out of the box’​ thinking, from I hour to a full day – I would love to hear from you and explore your ideas.

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Mr Sam Blacker

Sam grew up on the coast in NSW, returning back after he was distracted by something shiny, wandered off and got lost for a few years.

He loves music, and would probably sell his last pair of useable pants for tickets to a gig if necessary.

When he’s not trying to find replacement pants, Sam is either binging the latest Netflix show or agreeing to do something he has no experience with.

Examples include commentating a drag race, with no knowledge of cars. One person claims to have heard him announce, “up next we have the…red car”.

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